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". . . every minute of life is education,
especially if you live in
interesting times."

Elizabeth Daniels Squire

favorite photos from the album of


Right: Liz (Bibba), age 11,
and 3-year-old Lucy dressed
for a play at Bibba's school (1937).
palm reading

Promo photo
for syndicated palmistry column

(Perry Ruben photo)

Right: Liz receiving her Agatha award at Malice Domestic in 1995.


(Lee Phan photo)

Agatha win

Liz with Bailey, cover model for "Forget About Murder"

(John A. Miller photo)

Liz & Baliey
Liz & Troon

Left: Liz with her eldest grandchild, Troon Squire, summer of 2000.

(Jane Kinney photo)

Right: Photo of Liz that appeared (as "Miss August") on the International Dyslexia Society's 1998 calendar.

(John Warner photo)

Miss August
Liz on Vacation in Mexico

Left: Liz at Palenque, Mexico, in her nose-flattening Mayan mode.


(Barbara Hodgson photo)

Liz, Chick, and their three sons--
Hart, the eldest, on left; Mark, the middle one, far right; and Worth, the youngest, next to Chick.

(Monika Wengler photo)

Liz & family
Liz with Georgia

Georgia Anne Olin,
is holding Liz's
first mystery novel

Speaking and


Liz at book autographing
Liz speaking

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